Infrastructure construction projects include more and more difficult challenges for construction companies. One of such challenges is the necessity to erect new, either underground or overground, facilities in the centres of vibrant cities.

The basis for infrastructural projects is PeBeKa's extensive experience acquired during the implementation of numerous projects involving mining operations. We offer our partners a wide range of services in the field of infrastructure construction. We guarantee high quality and flexibility in adjustment to changing geological or spatial conditions.


Industrial construction engineering

We offer comprehensive services in the construction of industrial facilities together with complete accompanying infrastructure. Our industrial construction projects comprise warehouses, technical support facilities (e.g. air conditioning stations) or complete technological lines.

Our experience is based on a number of projects carried out for the companies belonging to the Capital Group of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

Construction and modernisation of industrial pipelines

Thanks to our extensive know-how of industrial processes, for many years we have been a successful contractor of industrial pipeline construction or modernisation works. We have built hundreds of kilometres of various installations together with related infrastructure, dozens of belt conveyors, and hundreds of low voltage and medium voltage main distribution boards. In every project, our priorities are environmental protection, the comfort of people living in the vicinity of the construction site, and precision in the performance of our tasks.

One of the key projects of this type was the renovation of the sludge pipeline in the area of Żelazny Most,  Europe’s largest storage for copper ore flotation wastes generated by the ore mines and ore enrichment plants.

Construction of public buildings

For PeBeKa, this segment of its services is of particular importance because it translates directly into the quality of life of a particular local community. PeBeKa offers comprehensive services related to the construction of office buildings, residential buildings, health care centres or sports facilities.

One of the key projects in this area is the construction of the Zagłębie Lubin football stadium, a facility erected in accordance with the requirements of PZPN and UEFA.

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