We are experts in underground civil engineering. For over 55 years we have been carrying out construction investments all over the world, specialising in mining, drilling, tunnelling and infrastructural projects.

Opportunities and experience

At present, as one of the world leaders in the sector, we can offer the most comprehensive skills and experience in the construction of underground mines and their auxiliary infrastructure. But this is just a fragment of our extensive competences. We have built hundreds of kilometres of road, rail and hydrotechnical tunnels, shafts, and fore-shafts for various purposes. We offer services related to specialist engineering designs, as well as the construction of infrastructural and industrial facilities.

Choosing PeBeKa, our partners can count on an extensive range of construction services based on many years of experience and a number of original and innovative solutions implemented successfully in projects carried out on the construction sites in Europe, Asia, Africa and both Americas.

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Drilling operations

see our projects Drilling operations

The company's key specialities include services related to geological and exploratory, geological and reconnaissance, and piezometric drilling operations as well as the preparation of technical boreholes for the purpose of rock mass freezing during shaft sinking operations.

In order to meet the growing demand for such construction projects, in 2012 PeBeKa established a specialist division dedicated exclusively to the provision of drilling services. We carry out a wide range of works in the fields of deposit reconnaissance, geological and hydrological conditions description, providing support for project implementation processes related to the exploitation of natural resources.

Shaft works

see our projects Shaft works

We are the main contractor of mine shafts in the Legnica-Głogów Copper Belt, one of the largest copper ore mining centres in the world.

So far we have constructed 30 shafts with the combined length of 30 kilometres. Many years of hands-on experience allowed us to develop a shaft sinking method based on the freezing of rock mass in practically any geological conditions. Having at its disposal such a unique shaft sinking technology and a rock mass freezing technology, PeBeKa is able to offer the construction of the most complex shaft engineering facilities.

Mining services

see our projects Minning services

One of the basic services provided by PeBeKa is the comprehensive construction of horizontal mine workings.

In the mines located in the Legnica-Głogów Copper Belt, we have built over 1600 kilometres of headings and drifts as well as 700 000 m³ of chamber workings. Besides shaft sinking and horizontal mine works, PeBeKa specialises also in providing mine workings with technical infrastructure, e.g. the assembly of technological pipelines, the installation of power, lighting or telecommunication cables as well as the construction of transport systems.

Infrastructure construction engineering

see our projects Infrastructure construction engineering

Infrastructure construction projects include more and more difficult challenges for construction companies. One of such challenges is the necessity to erect new, either underground or overground, facilities in the centres of vibrant cities.

The basis for infrastructural projects is PeBeKa's extensive experience acquired during the implementation of numerous projects involving mining operations. We offer our partners a wide range of services in the field of infrastructure construction. We guarantee high quality and flexibility in adjustment to changing geological or spatial conditions.

Metro tunnels and stations

see our projects Metro tunnels and stations

We have been dealing with tunnel construction since 1984, building transport and industrial tunnels based on either conventional or special methods.

We have built metro tunnels in Algiers and Ankara, railway tunnels in Algeria, road tunnels in Turkey, Hong Kong and Israel, as well as hydrotechnical tunnels in Malaysia. For over 20 years we were involved in the construction of the first line of the Warsaw metro system, being responsible for not only tunnel works but also the construction of metro stations (e.g. “Słodowiec”) or public transport hubs (e.g. “Młociny”).
We are one of the most experienced construction companies in the field of tunnel construction. Our competitive advantage is readiness to work in any conditions, irrespective of geological or spatial circumstances.